Five wild black wolfberry nutrition recipes

一. Black wolfberry porridge

Ingredients: rice, wild black wolfberry.

Practice: 1. Cook the rice into half cooked status, and then add black wolfberry fruit;
2. Cook to eat.

Features: especially for those who often get dizzy astringent, tinnitus nocturnal emission, sore waist and knees patients. Hepatitis patients taking black wolfberry porridge, there are liver and liver protection, promote liver cell regeneration effect.

二. Yam, black wolfberry porridge

Ingredients: 1 cup of rice, 300 gram of yam, 2 spoonful of black wolfberry, 8 cups of water.

Practice: Clean the rice and separate it from water, Yam peeled and cut into small pieces. 2. pot add 8 cups of water to boil, add white rice, yam, wild black wolfberry cook until the roll when a little stir, change the small fire boiled for 30 minutes Serve.

Features: wild black wolfberry blood eyesight, can increase the number of white blood cells, so that resistance to enhance the prevention of disease; yam can promote appetite, effectively eliminate fatigue, enhance physical strength and immunity. Frail, easy to fatigue, ladies eat more of this congee, can help keep a good color, sickness does not invade.

三. Black wolfberry stewed with tremella

Ingredients: wild black wolfberry 25 grams, 150 grams of water, white fungus, 250 grams of rock sugar, 50 grams of sugar.

Practice: 1. Wash tremella with warm water and get it swollen for 1 hour, remove impurities into the water. 2. Put the soup pot set on fire and boil the water, add rock sugar, sugar, boiled after the skim floating foam, until the sugar juice white white fungus, wild black wolfberry put the pot when the pot to the white fungus gelatinous, pour into the soup Bowl inside.

Features: soup thick, sweet and smooth, nourishing fitness.

四. Sliced pork with black wolfberry

Ingredients: wild black wolfberry, lean pork, green shoots, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, soy sauce, starch, lard, sesame oil.

Practice: 1. Wash the pork and remove the tendons, cut into 2-inch long slices; green shoots cut into the same slices; wash black wolfberry. 2. wok lit, the lard heat, then the pork, bamboo shoots at the same time under the pot fried scattered, cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate mix, put black wolfberry, stir fry a few, leaching oil Serve.

Features: nourish the kidney, suitable for frail, kidney dizzy, visual fuzzy embolism.

五. Astragalus and black wolfberry stewed with soft-shelled turtle

Ingredients: Astragalus 50 grams, 30 grams of wild black wolfberry, turtle 500 grams. Salt, soybean oil, cold water the amount.

Practice: Astragalus slices, gauze dressing; black wolfberry fruit washed, Remove organs of soft-shelled turtle and cut into pieces. Add all these into the pot, add appropriate amount of cold water, stew cooked, to dregs, with soybean oil, salt seasoning Serve.

Features: Nourish the body and supple blood. Applicable to nasopharyngeal carcinoma radiotherapy caused by vertigo or leukopenia.

Three ways of making fake black wolfberry

Qinghai black wolfberry, is really the pride of Qinghai province; its appearance is not so good, but it’s with amazing effects, it’s like the Qinghai people’s characteristics: perseverance, simple and sincere, minded, selfless dedication.

Origin: black wolfberry grow in China’s Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places, but due to the climate and environment differences, the quality of black wolfberry is also very different.

Qinghai black wolfberry grows in altitude 2000 meters to 4000 meters snow-covered Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,the environment where wild black wolfberry grows in Qaidam Bsin where the evironment is very harsh,with perennial low temperature, and is very cold in winter, and it is sparsely populated, few plant diseases and pests. Day and night temperature difference is large, long sunshine time, the average temperature is low these conditions are conducive to the growth of black wolfberry and nutrient accumulation.

08 US scientists said that black wolfberry is the fruit contains most anthocyanins in the world, which refers to the Qinghai Nuomuhong black wolfberry. Black wolfberry tastes sweet, flat. It was determined that the content of calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron was also higher than that of red wolfberry, it contains 17 kinds of amino acids and 13 kinds of trace elements. Contains all the active ingredients of red wolfberry. Wild black wolfberry contains a lot of anthocyanins is the most effective natural free radical scavenger, delaying human cell tissue aging. Its medicinal, health care value is much higher than the ordinary red wolfberry. Known as “soft gold”.

Drink wild black wolfberry tea for long-term can protect vision, there is a better role in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. It has obvious functions of anti-fatigue, liver protection, anti-tumor, dredge blood vessel, lower blood pressure,and cardiovascular system protection.

There are three means of faking black wolfberry, one is to useth white thorn f ruit or blueberry as counterfeit, the second way is to dye dye fruit with similar appearance, the third is to sell defected onees, that is, many fruits that are originally from Xinjiang, Ningxia and other provinces will be sold as Qinghai Black wolfberry. And many profiteers even label these black wolfberries as “Qinghai Black Wolfberry”.

Why black wolfberry so expensive

Black wolfberry is rich in Anthocyanins, and have been marketed well, but wild black Chinese wolfberry is scarce, the growth volume of it per mu yield is not more than 10 kilograms.

Wild black wolfberry is so far found the plant contains the highest content of anthocyanin, and the price just keeps going up. Anthocyanin, the most effective natural antioxidant for scavenging free radicals in human body, has an obvious antioxidant and anti fatigue effect. Wild black wolfberry found in Nuomuhong area, should contain highest anthocyanin content.

Black wolfberry, beans, large purple black berries.In tibetan medicine, this material for the treatment of heart fever, heart disease, lower cholesterol, but also has enhanced immunity and other effects. After 2008, black wolfberry was found to contain more anthocyanin than blueberries, then it has been marketed. Its prices continue to rise. And it’s known as “soft gold”, the yield of which is not large. The number of Artificial cultivation areas is too small, far from meeting the market’s demand.

Wild black Lycium is scarce. Wild black Lycium barbarum grow very slowly, although the height of trees is only 20 to 30 centimeters, but it has grown for decades, or even hundreds of years. Once damaged, it is difficult to recover in the short run. Golmud area is a very serious sandstorm area, the annual precipitation is not more than 100 ml.. Wild black wolfberry grows here to achieve the windbreak and sand fixation functions, and prevent the ecological and environmental protection of water and soil erosion. The illegal mining behavior not only damages the rights of the local people, but endangers the whole ecological environment in the Qaidam region.

How to prevent wild black wolfberry from stealing and robbing more effectively? It’s difficult to supervise and protect it for a long time since its value is there,. Now the best way is to redirection,develop the artificial cultivation of black wolfberry as soon as possible. The results showed that the anthocyanin content of wild Lycium barbarum was almost the same as that of wild Lycium barbarum.

In fact, due to the different stages of the wild black wolfberry, it is difficult to ensure that all wild black wolfberry is mature in the process of stealing. Artificial cultivation can control the maturity, and the actual anthocyanin content may be higher in black Lycium barbarum. At present, artificial cultivation techniques have been compared in terms of seedling and Cultivation. Artificial cultivation of black Lycium barbarum scale is expanding, more and more black wolfberry step into the fruit period. The price of black wolfberry is bound to decrease. In recent years, more and more “illegal mining” and “poaching” are bound to be fundamentally curbed.

Tops about the Anthocyanins contained in black wolfberry

Anthocyanins, also known as anthocyanins, is a kind of natural water-soluble pigment widely found in plants. It is a class of biological flavonoids. But it is also the main plant petals in the main coloring in petals, the colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers are all influenced by it. In one sentence, black wolfberry’s brightness and color is caused by anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins exist in the vacuoles of plant cells and can be transformed from chlorophyll. Under different pH conditions in plant cells, the petals show different colors.Soluble sugar increased in Autumn, the cells are acidic, in acidic conditions anthocyanins appear red or purple, so the petals are red, purple is the fucntion of anthocyanins,the darkness of its color is positively correlated with the content of its anthocyanin. it can be quickly determined by spectrophotometer,it appears blue under alkaline conditions. The color of anthocyanins is affected by many factors, low temperature, hypoxia and phosphorus deficiency and other adverse environment will promote the formation and accumulation of anthocyanins. Natural conditions of the free state of the anthocyanins are rare, mainly in the form of glycosides, anthocyanins is often with one or more glucose, rhamnose, galactose, arabinose and other glycosidic bonds through the formation of anthocyanins. So the sweeter it taste, the better the black wollberry is, for those that taste acid and bitter, anthocyanin content will not be high.

So one important way to distinguish good and bad black wolfberry is to tastes, the sweeter, the more anthocyanins!

Procyanidins (PC), also a biological organism with a special molecular structure. Generally red brown powder, gas micro, taste astringent, soluble in water and most organic solvents, according to the size of the degree of polymerization, usually two ~ pentamer known as oligomeric procyanidins (referred to as OPC), the pentamer above For high procyanidins (PPC).

Anthocyanins and procyanidins are not really a substance, but the relationship between the two is not simple: they both belong to the biological flavonoids, and anthocyanins can be aggregated into proanthocyanidins, proanthocyanidins can be decomposed into anthocyanins. And, proanthocyanidins can also continue to polymerize the formation of proanthocyanidins, magical nature. Although the three are not the same material, but the structure is similar, similar function, are currently recognized as the free radicals to remove the most effective natural antioxidants. The latest study shows that anthocyanins can prevent hepatitis C virus replication, is currently found in the most potent free radical scavenger, has a very strong in vivo activity.

Black wolfberry and other products rich in anthocyanins

Black wolfberry is black fruit wolfberry, categorized to solanaceae wolfberry,multi-prickly shrub, with more hard branches, the branches often appears the Z curved shape,and white. Black wolfberry is found the natural plant with highest content of anthocyanins. and with the highest quality, it’s easy to get aborbed by human body,it known as “the king of anthocyanins.”

Difference between Black and Red wolfberry

black wolfberry
black wolfberry

Black wolfberry are wild,with smaller sized fruits, it’s ellipse and black, sugar content is very low. It tastes just slightly sweet when directly chew it.
Red wolfberry
Red wolfberry

diabetic patients can also be assured to eat it. Red wolfberry flat long red fruit’s sugar content is high, it tastes sweet when you directly chew it.

Black wolfberry is rich in anthocyanins, so the soak water temperature has certain requirements, use 60 ℃ below the warm water or cold water brewing. Because anthocyanins at high temperature easy to damage, so can not boil for a long time high temperature. Black wolfberry’s nourishing is very strong, adults can be practical about 5g a day. Red wolfberry is not afraid of high temperature, you can directly chew, soaked in water, soaked wine, soup, etc., adults eat about 20g a day or so better.

Differenct between black wolfberry and white thorn fruit

Black wolfberry appears dark black, 95% of the fruits are with stalk, 5-8 seeds inside the fruit, it feels a little soft when you squeeze it with fingers, white thorn fruits have no stalks, one single seed inside the fruit, and is hard.

white thorn fruit
white thorn fruit

The color of black wolfberry tea is dark, the sugar content of which is low, the tea tastes slightly sweet. The fruits will float on water. Whereas white thorn fruit tea appears light color, its tea tastes sweet due to its hight sugar content.

Difference between black wolfberry and blueberry.

Black wolfberry appears dark black and is with stalk on each fruit. The fruit taste slightly sweet but not sour at all; Blueberry is dark purple, they are without stalks, and tastes sweet and sour.


The color of black wolfberry tea is dark, the sugar content of which is low, the tea tastes slightly sweet; Blueberry tea’s color is very light, and tastes sweet due to high sugar content, most of the fruits won’t float on water.

Difference between black wolfberry and dyed fruits

Dyed fruits can be easily distinguished as weel, pick out several blalck wolfberry and put them into a cup, the blue elements will appear in water like silk if it’s real black wolfberry. With dyed fruits, blue color will be released immediately and obviously once the fruits are added into the water. Another way is to check the stalks, Qinghai black wolfberry is with grey stalk, when the stalks are blue, it must be dyed.

Function and effect of Duyunmaojian Tea

Duyunmaojian is rich in protein, amino acids, alkaloids, tea polyphenols, sugar tips, organic acids, aromatic substances and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, K, P, PP, and water-soluble minerals. It tastes good, refreshing and is good for eyesight and digestion, it has the function of atherosclerosis inhibition and anti-cancer, prevent and treat of scurvy to defend radioactive elements such as efficacy and role.

Lower blood pressure

The tea contains caffeine and catechins which is able to promote the body’s vascular wall relaxation, and increase the effective diameter of blood vessels, so that the blood vessel wall maintains a certain degree of flexibility to eliminate vasospasm.A kind of aminobutyric in Maojian tea has more significant effect on relaxing the body vessel, once the vasoactive activity is inhibited,it can achieve the antihypertensive effect; Drinking Maojian tea can reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Tea in the catechins substances, the total cholesterol, free cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels were significantly reduced.

Human body function purification

The tea contains purine base, adenine and other alkaloids, these alkaloids and phosphoric acid, pentose and other forms of nucleotides, nucleotides in the ATP, GTP and other compounds play an important role in the metabolism of lipids, especially on Nitrogen compounds have a very wonderful decomposition, transformation, so as to achieve the role of cellulite, with the role of purification of human digestive organs.

The flavonols in the tea can relax the digestive tract of the human body, purify the microbes and other harmful substances in the digestive organs, and also perform special purification on the stomach, kidneys and liver, not only contribute to the digestion of fat and other substances. Can prevent the occurrence of digestive organ disease.

Antitumor effect

the Antioxidant combination GAT extracted from the tea is able to inhibit the mutations of aflatoxin and benzopyrane and other carcinogenic substances, it has the effect of inhibiting tumor metastasis;the tea contains a large number of EGCG, it can effectively inhibit the tumor activity in human body, and effectively prevent the formation of cancer cells; tea extract T-8750 on gastric adenocarcinoma cells have a significant inhibitory effect; nitrosamines and nitroso compounds, and tea contained in the tea polyphenols are blocked nitro The main active substance of the compound.

Duyun Maojian tea

Duyun Maojian tea
Duyun Maojian tea

Dujunmaojian, one of the ten famous Chinese tea. Also known as”Baimaojina”,”Ximaojian”,”Hooks Tea” or “Queshe Tea”.

Dujunmaojian is usually picked around Qingming Festival, and the standard is to pic the first bud on one leaf, and the length is no longer than 2 cm.To make 500g of good quality maojian tea usually comsumes 53,000 to 56,000 buds.

Duyun Maojian tea germinates early, the buds are fat and hairy, having a strong nature of the characteristics, rich in ingredients. Finished Duyun hairy color green, shape evenly, white revealed, curly curly, fragrant, tender taste, sweet taste, sweet taste, clear leaves, bright buds buds.

Duyun Maojian tea is green and bright,fragrant and mellow. Therefore the brewing of green tea seems simple but actually it’s very difficult. Because the green tea without fermentation, to keep the tea itself fresh, the brewing results may differ,it’s easy to make tea leaves old boring, tea bleak aroma blunt turbidity. In addition, because the types of green teas has richest varieties, each type of tea, due to the shape, tightness and fresh leaves of the new level of different, brewing water temperature, time and methods are different, must be repeated practice, Water temperature, tea, tea, etc., in order to soak a cup of tea.

Drinking Steps

Duyun Maojian tea
Duyun Maojian tea

1) Add in the tea leaves after waring the cup.
2) Pour in moderate amount of warm water along the cup wall, to one-third of cup capacity, and then slightly shake the cup, then start drinking.
3) Around 2 minutes later, when the tea leaves absorb enough water and stretches, then fill the cup with extra water, now it’s time to drink.
4) When one third of the water remains in the cup, add moderate amount of water to continue drinking the tea.



Duyun Maojian tea shape curl like screw-shaped, with abundant white hairs, and looks green,local great seeds are adopted, it germinates early, buds are fat.

Soup Color

Duyun hair to the “dry green tea with yellow, yellow soup in the yellow, the bottom of the green was yellow” and “three green three yellow” features known. So the premium Duyun Maojian finished Maojiao tea quality Runxiu, fresh aroma, taste mellow, sweet taste.