Black wolfberry soaked in water to drink taboo

Black wolfberry is very precious, in many places called BLUELOVER. For the use of this medicine is more, in addition to the black wolfberry soaked in this article to drink, the chicken can also be stewed with meat soup, you can also soak, the effect is very good.

Black wolfberry
Black wolfberry

The origin of the black wolfberry is mainly distributed in the northwest and north of China, the level of sweet, after taking the liver and kidney has a very good health care role, but also can effectively prevent atherosclerosis and diabetes and fatty liver disease, Good to promote the body to restore health.

Although the black wolfberry soaked in water to drink the health of the body is very good, but not to say that the more the better. Many people still stay in the understanding of black wolfberry on the kidney, in fact, although the Chinese herbal medicine has a very good effect on the body, but inappropriate use is also likely to affect their health.

The specific black wolfberry soaked in water taboo as follows:

1、Not excessive use

Black wolfberry is one of the drugs. Any drug can not be overdosed, otherwise the benefits of the body will become harmful. Suggest that you, the body’s healthy adults, the daily dose of black wolfberry not more than twenty grams, this is more appropriate. If the body has a disease you want to treat, then the amount of black wolfberry can be appropriately increased, the best control in about 30 grams is enough.

If you usually take too much when the black wolfberry, and his eyes will be swelling and pain symptoms, and vision will become blurred, is not conducive to good health. Therefore, want to better promote the health of the body to avoid taking drugs properly, then the usual should pay special attention to the amount of black wolfberry.

2、Weak spleen and exogenous heat evil patients are not suitable for taking black wolfberry

Spleen and stomach vulnerable to the body prone to diarrhea and cold belly, this time do not drink black wolfberry soaked in water, to avoid the situation of discomfort worse.
Exogenous heat evil patients are not suitable for taking black wolfberry, especially cold fever, body inflammation of the crowd, to avoid the body getting worse.

3、Black wolfberry must pay attention to preservation

Black wolfberry generally in the late summer and early autumn when mature. Fresh black wolfberry must be removed after removing the stalk, and then dry in a cool location, until the skin has been wrinkled after the sun can be placed in the sun exposure. If the weather is not very good, you can also black wolfberry on a small fire drying, so get the dry wolfberry dry appearance, but the inside is very soft, the taste is also very good.

4、Patients with Yin is not suitable for taking black wolfberry

Healthy people science Black medlar can promote good health and improve physical fitness, but if the constitution is yin deficiency patients should reduce the amount of this drug. Black wolfberry is mild, a lot of taking easily lead to the body lit. If it is directly raw black wolfberry, then it should be more careful to reduce the amount, otherwise it will be easy to get angry symptoms.

Black wolfberry other eat way

The above describes the black wolfberry soaked in water taboo. Although soaked with water is a common use of this traditional Chinese medicine, but usually there are many more often used in life, such as direct raw, tea and so on, these health effects on the body is also very good.

1、Eat directly chew

The black wolfberry into the mouth to chew, and then swallow. This method can make black wolfberry in the nutrients fully absorbed by the body, the effective play of this Chinese herbal medicine on the body’s health effects. However, the use of this black wolfberry to eat when we must pay special attention to the amount of water to drink less than half the drink to avoid the impact on the health of the body.

2、Black wolfberry tea

Wolfberry and water directly into the brewing, and then into the heat taking, can be effective in the treatment of diabetes and kidney disease, while some of the anemia, eye discomfort, constipation and insomnia, etc. have a certain effect.

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