Cultivation Technique of Black Wolfberry

1. Cultivation Technique

Seeding, the seeding period of black wolfberry is from July to November. When the fruits turn from green to dark purple,  it’s time to pluck,and register at any time, then deliver to designated place. After seeding the threshing method of water washing with gauze wrapped will be adopted, then it is to be filter and washed with fine basket. Dry the seeds naturally or under dawn’s or dusk’s sunlight, avoid direct exposure to the sun at noon. The seeds are to be cleaned manually. Store the seeds at dry and ventilated place.

2. seed quality identification. In addition to investigating if the source of the seeds is good, the clarity, dry seeds quality, germination rate, viability, water content and weight are also to be considered. And it is identified based on sample testing in laboratory. The seed quality is determined according to the appearance of the seed and the internal anatomical condition.

3. reproduction

4. Selection of land and soil preparation. Select the flat terrain, where it is  convenient for irrigation, soil hypertrophy, pH 8 below the alkali salt content of not more than 0. 3% of the land. Shi manure 2000-3000kg / 667 square meters, deep plowing 20-30 cm in autumn, and pouring winter water. The next spring shallow shallow rake, do plot width 1. 2 m.

5. Breeding methods are mainly seed propagation. Before sowing soak the seeds with 40°C warm water for 24 hours to improve the germination rate, the general germination rate is around 80%. Sowing season is from late March to mid-April. According to the line spacing 30 cm ditch, ditch deep 0. 5-1 cm, the seeds mixed with some fine sand mix, evenly into the ditch, slightly covered sand, light pressure after watering, keep the soil moist, every

1-2 days shallow water 1 times, the temperature at 17-21, 5-7 d emergence. Seeding 1-1.5 kg / 667 square meters, producing seedlings 40,000 / 667 square meters. If there is no watering conditions or lack of water, the sowing after a little sand and soil, and then covered with plastic film, in the plastic film above the full casing 1. 5-2 cm, to penetrate into the sun is appropriate, observe every day, to be Kind of buds through the skin when selected rainy days

Gas all exposed to the film. In this way, can effectively save the soil moisture, to avoid the film caused by the evaporation of water evaporation, soil dry. So as to solve the planting of deep and nest buds, planting shallow and burning buds of contradictions. This method of summarizing in the production of specific nursery, in the Taiwan Plateau and other places where the lack of water for small seed varieties of nursery, is very practical. Above is taken from the network

Mold professional nursery adopt the way, we based on nursery experience, recommended seedling nursery. Specific planting methods like spicy seeds, eggplant, each hole sowing black wolfberry seeds 3-4 tablets, plant distance of 10 cm or so, spacing 30-40 cm. Second, the field management 1, cultivated weeding: seed after seeding to be weeding, 1 year 4-6 times, combined with irrigation

Loose soil and weeding.

How to distinguish between real and fake black wolfberry

black fruit wolfberry
black fruit wolfberry

Scientific research shows that black fruit wolfberry contains more vitamins and fat than red fruit wolfberry. The content of Calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, lead, nickel, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, potassium, sodium elements play important roles in maintaining physiological function of human body. Compared to red fruit wolfberry, the content of calcium, magnesium wolfberry, Calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper is much higher. But potassium and manganese content is much lower, sodium content is almost equal. Black wolfberry mainly grow in the altitude of 2,800 meters -3000 meters of the basin desert, high altitude drought, ecological environment, pollution-free.The fruit contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 13 kinds of trace elements. Among them, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron content is also higher than the red wolfberry.

The function of black wolfberry
The function of black wolfberry

The function of black wolfberry: 1. Enhance immunity, Anti-aging; 2. good for kidney; 3. Generates saliva; 4. Soothe the nerves, improve sleep; 5.control cough and anti-aging. Wild black wolfberry is known as “oral skin cosmetics”, according to the data, black wolfberry is found the food with highest content of anthocyanins today.

How to distinguish between real and fake black wolfberry?

1, For fresh black wolfberry crush the grain with your fingers, around 10 fruit-shaped seeds will appear for the real black wolfberry. If there is one seed, and not appear dark purple, it’s fake seed shape showed fruit; fake white thorn fruit which is a single nuclear. Also no black wolfberry as thick blue and purple.

2, When dry black wolfberry is put into water, with the release of anthocyanin’ the wolfberry fruits’ color will gradually fade.

the wolfberry fruits' color
the wolfberry fruits’ color

after being putting into water for a long time the fruits appear translucent.

the fruits appear translucent
the fruits appear translucent

3, Special Note: Black wolfberry contains 3 times more anthocyanin than that contained in blueberry. The water appears light blue if black wolfberry is added into tap water, but in pure water it appears purple. But with the soaking time lasts, the difference will gradually reduce, the inner side of the fruits remain the same.There is no way to dyeing the fruits and this is a good evidence of the black wolfberry’s natural color.

black wolfberry’s natural color
black wolfberry’s natural color

Correctly understand the value of black wolfberry

Black wolfberry contains anthocyanin which does have antioxidant effect, but it does not treat cancer, it is exaggerated to say it’s anti-cancer.

The value of black wolfberry

Black wolfberry is sweet, nature, rich in protein, lycium barley polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients.

At the same time it is also rich in anthocyanins, its anthocyanin content is actually more than blueberries, and it is so far found the wild plants with highest content of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins can improve the blood circulation, to gradually restore our long declined capillaries. So black wolfberry in the progesterone is known as “arteriosclerosis antidote.”

Black Chinese wolfberry anthocyanins are said to be “great anti-cancer medicine”, mainly because that its anthocyanins can eliminate free radicals in the body, able to effectively prevent the production of cancer cells, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-cancer. However, the current anti-cancer effect of black wolfberry is still in the research stage, and worth further study, any effect should have a scientific basis.

However, it’s undiniable that the black wolfberry body does have  certain health effects to human body, and anthocyanins contained in black wolfberry is beneficial for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients.

Precautions of eating black wolfberry

1, Can be eat directly or make tea and wine like normal red fruit wolfberry.

2, Can be added into warm water to drink, daily of 5g black wolfberry is suggested, no excessive consumption.

3, When added into warm water,  the water may appear blue or purple, it’s just normal phenomenon.

Why Black Wolfberry preserve longevity?

The Nourishing Function of Black Wolfberry

Anthocyanin contained in black wolfberry is so far found the most effective anti free radical element, its performance of anti-free radical is 10 times the performance of carrot, and 18-20 times the performance of Vitamin C, 50 times the performance of Vitamin E. More importantly, the activity of anthocyanin in human body is incomparable by other antioxidants, anthocyanin is able to survive in human blood for 70-75 hours.

Anthocyanins protect the skin from UV damage, prevent the degradation of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, so that the skin should maintain its elasticity and tension, to avoid skin sagging and wrinkles, promote skin health, make the skin younger.

In addition to the high content, the anthocyanins contained in the black Chinese wolfberry is the most excellent function of anthocyanins in all plants (especially the anthocyanins composed of 16 kinds of biological flavonoids, which are superior to the general plant anthocyanins Active), the most widely used, the lowest side effects, but also the most valuable varieties.

People who should eat black wolfberry.

Women with rough ,sagging skin, increased wrinkles, with poor and dull skin color.

Women damaged by prolonged ultraviolet radiation.

People who use PC and cellphone frequently, and those who stay up all night.

People with Insomnia, kidney dizziness, physical weakness, poor resistance, low immunity;(who can’t eat black wolfberry)

People with irregular diet, usually eat fried and barbecue food(which will add free radical to harm your body)

People with dry eyes, are losing eyesight, and those who focus on work and study.

People most suitable for eating black wolfberry are those with physical weakness and poor resistance, but they are suggested to eat it every day.Only long term use can lead to positive result.

What’s the best way to eat black wolfberry

Black wolfberry can nourish the body, It’s also beneficial for skin repair, very suitable for people who keep staying up with late work, rough skin, office staffs who use eyes excessively, students etc. However the wolfberry has the function of warming body,so it’s not suitable for hypertensive patients and those who catch colds and inflammatory patients.

How to eat black wolfberry

1. Chew: easy and convenient, it tastes slightly fragrant and sweet. Sometimes it will color your tongue, and some fruits may be a little hard.

2. Make tea: Make black wolfberry tea with cold or warm water(warm water must be less than 60℃), as hot water is likely to dissolve anthocyanins, and bee can be added to your taste.

3. make wine: 500g wine with about 20g black wolfberry, half a month  to a month’s brewing is suggested. It’s good to drink twice a day and especially in autumn and winter, it does not only nourish your health but  warm the body, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

4. Make porridge or soup, etc.: add in the black wolfberry after the water is boiling, eat it after cooking, however there are plenty of nutrition loss.

People that are suggested to eat black wolfberry.

Women with rough ,sagging skin, increased wrinkles, with poor and dull skin color.

People who use PC and cellphone frequently, and those who stay up all night.

People with Insomnia, kidney dizziness, physical weakness, poor resistance, low immunity.

Women damaged by prolonged ultraviolet radiation.

People with irregular diet, usually eat fried and barbecue food(which will add free radical to harm your body)

People with dry eyes, are losing eyesight, and those who focus on work and study.

People who are not suitable for eating black wolfberry

As the wolfberry’s body warming effect is very strong,people suffering from high blood pressure, and with impatient temperament,and those who blush after having plenty of meat are not suggested to eat black wolfberry. People having a fever, inflammation, diarrhea and other acute are not suggested to eat it either.

How to distinguish wild and planted black wolfberry?

Black wolfberry is known as “oral cosmetics”, which has a high medicinal value, and is able to reduce blood lipids and cholesterol, excitement of the brain, enhance immune function, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis, as well as anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-coagulation and anti-aging effect. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to health care, which is the reason why black wolfberry continues selling. As the wild black wolfberry prices are high, and easy to get confused, many profiteers will plant black wolfberry posing as wild black wolfberry to get profit. So how to distinguish wild and grow black wolfberry it? Let me tell you today.


Wild wolfberry skin looks thin, the dryness of the fruit is the same under same size, the number of wild wolfberry grains are more, and the planting of the skin appears hypertrophy, but we all know that anthocyanins are contained in the fruit;

Planted black wolfberry, due to its mass production, the shape and figure are well-proportioned, thus they look monotonous, and wild fruits are picked from different trees where the water, and nutrition absorption, the exposure chance to sun light are completely different, so each fruit’s shape and figure has its own clear personality.

black wolfberry
black wolfberry

Wild black wolfberry is significantly durable for brewing than cultivated ones, because anthocyanins content is quite different between wild fruits and cultivated fruits, the wild can at least be brewed for 2 or 3 more times. Normal growed wild black wolfberry over 4 mm should not be less than 6 times of brewing;

black wolfberry
black wolfberry

Under same condition (eg: with stem or without stem, same water temperature etc.), wild black wolfberry generally release anthocyanin more actively, quickly and protractedly.

black wolfberry
black wolfberry

For odor, the wild fruits smells more wolfberry, but different from red wolfberry, it smells fresh and light.

black wolfberry
black wolfberry

And according to different place of origin, the fruits from Qinghai province taste slightly sweet, but light, and it floats on water after made to tea.

For price, the picking procedure is an important part of the cost for wild black wolfberry, for example, assuming the daily salary of 300 CNY for a“North-East guy”, without any accident, he is able to pick 10-25 kgs of fresh black wolfberry fruits, and 14-20 kgs of fresh fruits can be made into only 1 kg of dry wolfberry, along with storage, transshipment, selection etc…   and the rest are left to your imagination……

The color of black wolfberry tea

Having black wolfberry tea every day is able to help you delay aging, keep beauty, generate more Saliva and keep good eyesight, improve the ability of the skin to absorb oxygen, liver function, kidney function, improve immunity, anti-fatty liver, anti-cancer, anti-fatigue and so on. People living conditions continue to improve, increasing pressure on life today, various sub-health diseases of body are also coming out, black wolfberry may be a good choice for us.

black wolfberry tea
black wolfberry tea

In weak acid water (tap water), the tea looks blue, in weak alkaline water (mineral water), the tea looks purple, it appears black when concentrations is high. The color of hot Black wolfberry tea looks more purple, but cold tea looks more blue. This is due to the phenomenon that anthocyanins dissolve in water. Black anthocyanins in the wolfberry are beneficial to the human body. But there are a lot of poor black wolfberry in the market, which requires consumers to distinguish clearly.

Even in the same water, changes in water temperature can cause changes in brewing color. Because in the hot water state increase the concentration of hydrogen ions increases in the aqueous solution according to the formula of the ph, value of the solution can be known, the water with the temperature rise ph value decreased. Water ph value greater than 7, the water quality alkaline; less than 7, the water quality acid. In other words, hot water alkaline, cold water acid. Commonly used acid-base indicator “litmus”, its character is blue-violet powder, is extracted from the plant blue pigment, can be partially soluble in water and blue.

In general, the water quality of the northern China is alkaline; the water quality of southern China is acidic; so the black wolfberry tea appears purple in South part of China, it is recommended that people in the southern region make black wolfberry tea with slightly stronger alkaline water. Of course, the black wolfberry color does not affect the absorption of black wolfberry anthocyanin. 60 degrees is the best water temperature, if the temperature is too high, the release of active substances will be affected. Temperature is too low, black wolfberry polysaccharides and other ingredients will not be released easily, it will affect the taste, that is, the slight faint smell that we feel when drinking black wolfberry tea.