Lushan Yunwu tea

lushan yunwu
lushan yunwu

Lushan Yunwu tea is a traditional tea, a famous Chinese tea series, belongs to one kind of green tea. Yunlu tea buds are luxuriant. cord-compact beautiful, fragrant, mellow taste sweet, tea color is clear and bright,
Yunwu tea have unique flavor, due to the cool and foggy Lushan climate and direct sunlight for a short time and other conditions, the formation of its leaf thickness, slightly sweet and durable for teaing.

lushan yunwu
lushan yunwu

Lushan Yunwu tea leaves are delicate, containing relatively balanced material, very delicious taste of the endoplasmic. Can not help but light a small mouth, mouth sweet, silky, long aftertaste. Tea from the health, but also bring health.

Yunwu tea, contains tannins, aromatic oils and vitamins and other characteristics, taste rich fragrance, refreshing diarrhea, can help digestion, bactericidal detoxification, with the prevention of gastrointestinal infections, increased anti-scurvy and other functions.

The tea polyphenols in Lushan Yunwu Tea is the free body scavenger, it has a strong antioxidant and physiological activity. Ofen having this tea can play a role in anti-aging.

Able to make people excited and eliminate fatigue,to increase thinking and memory ability, promote metabolism. And also reduce fat to help with digestion of the stomach. Having Yunwu tea in summer can also prevent summer heat.

Lushan Yunwucha can stimulate the kidneys in benefit diuretic effect. Can eliminate the excessive lactic acid in the urine, improve the working efficiency of the kidney, reduce the harmful substances in the kidneys with the retention time. Enhanced anti-scurvy is also renowned at home and abroad.

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