Xin yang mao jian

Xin yang mao jian
Xin yang mao jian

Xinyangmaojian also called Yu Mao Feng, belongs to green tea, and is known as “the king of green tea”, it is one of the ten most famous Chinese tea.

With the properties of “small, round, light, straight, abundant of Baihao, fragrant, robust, green tea soup”, the color, flavour and shape of Xinyangmaojian are all special, its color is fresh and clean, fragrant. It’s pure and smells slightly sweet.From the appearance point of view it is uniform, bright green shiny, Baihao looks obvious. The shape is fine, round, light, straight, with more Baihao, green, its fragrance is able to last for a long time after mading to tea. It soup appears bright and clear.

Xin yang mao jian
Xin yang mao jian

Xinyang Maojian rich is in protein, amino acids, alkaloids, tea polyphenols, sugar tip, organic acids, aromatic substances and vitamin A, B1, B2, C, K, P, PP and water-soluble minerals. With thirst, Qingxin Mingmu, refreshing Xingnao, to greasy digestion, inhibition of atherosclerosis and anti-cancer, prevention and treatment of scurvy and care of radioactive elements and other functions.

The tea contains caffeine and catechins which is able to promote the relaxation of the human blood vessel wall, and can increase the effective diameter of blood vessels, the blood vessel wall to maintain a certain flexibility and eliminate vasospasm. Tea catechins, the total cholesterol, free total cholesterol and triglyceride fat content were significantly reduced.

The tea has a significant role in the anti-cancer substance mutation, can inhibit the effect of tumor metastasis; can effectively inhibit the activity of tumor promoters in the body, can effectively prevent cancer cells; tea polyphenols are blocked nitro Compound.

Tea plays an important role in the metabolism of lipids, especially in the decomposition and transformation of nitrogen-containing compounds, which can be decomposed and transformed into soluble absorption substances, so as to achieve the role of cellulite. The flavanols in tea can relax the digestive tract of human body, purify the microorganisms and other harmful substances in the digestive tract organ, at the same time, also carry out special purifying action on stomach, kidney and liver,

Not only contribute to the digestion of fat and other substances, but also to prevent the occurrence of digestive diseases.

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