How to distinguish wild and planted black wolfberry?

Black wolfberry is known as “oral cosmetics”, which has a high medicinal value, and is able to reduce blood lipids and cholesterol, excitement of the brain, enhance immune function, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis, as well as anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-coagulation and anti-aging effect. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to health care, which is the reason why black wolfberry continues selling. As the wild black wolfberry prices are high, and easy to get confused, many profiteers will plant black wolfberry posing as wild black wolfberry to get profit. So how to distinguish wild and grow black wolfberry it? Let me tell you today.


Wild wolfberry skin looks thin, the dryness of the fruit is the same under same size, the number of wild wolfberry grains are more, and the planting of the skin appears hypertrophy, but we all know that anthocyanins are contained in the fruit;

Planted black wolfberry, due to its mass production, the shape and figure are well-proportioned, thus they look monotonous, and wild fruits are picked from different trees where the water, and nutrition absorption, the exposure chance to sun light are completely different, so each fruit’s shape and figure has its own clear personality.

black wolfberry
black wolfberry

Wild black wolfberry is significantly durable for brewing than cultivated ones, because anthocyanins content is quite different between wild fruits and cultivated fruits, the wild can at least be brewed for 2 or 3 more times. Normal growed wild black wolfberry over 4 mm should not be less than 6 times of brewing;

black wolfberry
black wolfberry

Under same condition (eg: with stem or without stem, same water temperature etc.), wild black wolfberry generally release anthocyanin more actively, quickly and protractedly.

black wolfberry
black wolfberry

For odor, the wild fruits smells more wolfberry, but different from red wolfberry, it smells fresh and light.

black wolfberry
black wolfberry

And according to different place of origin, the fruits from Qinghai province taste slightly sweet, but light, and it floats on water after made to tea.

For price, the picking procedure is an important part of the cost for wild black wolfberry, for example, assuming the daily salary of 300 CNY for a“North-East guy”, without any accident, he is able to pick 10-25 kgs of fresh black wolfberry fruits, and 14-20 kgs of fresh fruits can be made into only 1 kg of dry wolfberry, along with storage, transshipment, selection etc…   and the rest are left to your imagination……

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