The color of black wolfberry tea

Having black wolfberry tea every day is able to help you delay aging, keep beauty, generate more Saliva and keep good eyesight, improve the ability of the skin to absorb oxygen, liver function, kidney function, improve immunity, anti-fatty liver, anti-cancer, anti-fatigue and so on. People living conditions continue to improve, increasing pressure on life today, various sub-health diseases of body are also coming out, black wolfberry may be a good choice for us.

black wolfberry tea
black wolfberry tea

In weak acid water (tap water), the tea looks blue, in weak alkaline water (mineral water), the tea looks purple, it appears black when concentrations is high. The color of hot Black wolfberry tea looks more purple, but cold tea looks more blue. This is due to the phenomenon that anthocyanins dissolve in water. Black anthocyanins in the wolfberry are beneficial to the human body. But there are a lot of poor black wolfberry in the market, which requires consumers to distinguish clearly.

Even in the same water, changes in water temperature can cause changes in brewing color. Because in the hot water state increase the concentration of hydrogen ions increases in the aqueous solution according to the formula of the ph, value of the solution can be known, the water with the temperature rise ph value decreased. Water ph value greater than 7, the water quality alkaline; less than 7, the water quality acid. In other words, hot water alkaline, cold water acid. Commonly used acid-base indicator “litmus”, its character is blue-violet powder, is extracted from the plant blue pigment, can be partially soluble in water and blue.

In general, the water quality of the northern China is alkaline; the water quality of southern China is acidic; so the black wolfberry tea appears purple in South part of China, it is recommended that people in the southern region make black wolfberry tea with slightly stronger alkaline water. Of course, the black wolfberry color does not affect the absorption of black wolfberry anthocyanin. 60 degrees is the best water temperature, if the temperature is too high, the release of active substances will be affected. Temperature is too low, black wolfberry polysaccharides and other ingredients will not be released easily, it will affect the taste, that is, the slight faint smell that we feel when drinking black wolfberry tea.

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