What’s the best way to eat black wolfberry

Black wolfberry can nourish the body, It’s also beneficial for skin repair, very suitable for people who keep staying up with late work, rough skin, office staffs who use eyes excessively, students etc. However the wolfberry has the function of warming body,so it’s not suitable for hypertensive patients and those who catch colds and inflammatory patients.

How to eat black wolfberry

1. Chew: easy and convenient, it tastes slightly fragrant and sweet. Sometimes it will color your tongue, and some fruits may be a little hard.

2. Make tea: Make black wolfberry tea with cold or warm water(warm water must be less than 60℃), as hot water is likely to dissolve anthocyanins, and bee can be added to your taste.

3. make wine: 500g wine with about 20g black wolfberry, half a month  to a month’s brewing is suggested. It’s good to drink twice a day and especially in autumn and winter, it does not only nourish your health but  warm the body, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

4. Make porridge or soup, etc.: add in the black wolfberry after the water is boiling, eat it after cooking, however there are plenty of nutrition loss.

People that are suggested to eat black wolfberry.

Women with rough ,sagging skin, increased wrinkles, with poor and dull skin color.

People who use PC and cellphone frequently, and those who stay up all night.

People with Insomnia, kidney dizziness, physical weakness, poor resistance, low immunity.

Women damaged by prolonged ultraviolet radiation.

People with irregular diet, usually eat fried and barbecue food(which will add free radical to harm your body)

People with dry eyes, are losing eyesight, and those who focus on work and study.

People who are not suitable for eating black wolfberry

As the wolfberry’s body warming effect is very strong,people suffering from high blood pressure, and with impatient temperament,and those who blush after having plenty of meat are not suggested to eat black wolfberry. People having a fever, inflammation, diarrhea and other acute are not suggested to eat it either.

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