Why Black Wolfberry preserve longevity?

The Nourishing Function of Black Wolfberry

Anthocyanin contained in black wolfberry is so far found the most effective anti free radical element, its performance of anti-free radical is 10 times the performance of carrot, and 18-20 times the performance of Vitamin C, 50 times the performance of Vitamin E. More importantly, the activity of anthocyanin in human body is incomparable by other antioxidants, anthocyanin is able to survive in human blood for 70-75 hours.

Anthocyanins protect the skin from UV damage, prevent the degradation of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, so that the skin should maintain its elasticity and tension, to avoid skin sagging and wrinkles, promote skin health, make the skin younger.

In addition to the high content, the anthocyanins contained in the black Chinese wolfberry is the most excellent function of anthocyanins in all plants (especially the anthocyanins composed of 16 kinds of biological flavonoids, which are superior to the general plant anthocyanins Active), the most widely used, the lowest side effects, but also the most valuable varieties.

People who should eat black wolfberry.

Women with rough ,sagging skin, increased wrinkles, with poor and dull skin color.

Women damaged by prolonged ultraviolet radiation.

People who use PC and cellphone frequently, and those who stay up all night.

People with Insomnia, kidney dizziness, physical weakness, poor resistance, low immunity;(who can’t eat black wolfberry)

People with irregular diet, usually eat fried and barbecue food(which will add free radical to harm your body)

People with dry eyes, are losing eyesight, and those who focus on work and study.

People most suitable for eating black wolfberry are those with physical weakness and poor resistance, but they are suggested to eat it every day.Only long term use can lead to positive result.

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