How to distinguish between real and fake black wolfberry

black fruit wolfberry
black fruit wolfberry

Scientific research shows that black fruit wolfberry contains more vitamins and fat than red fruit wolfberry. The content of Calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, lead, nickel, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, potassium, sodium elements play important roles in maintaining physiological function of human body. Compared to red fruit wolfberry, the content of calcium, magnesium wolfberry, Calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper is much higher. But potassium and manganese content is much lower, sodium content is almost equal. Black wolfberry mainly grow in the altitude of 2,800 meters -3000 meters of the basin desert, high altitude drought, ecological environment, pollution-free.The fruit contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 13 kinds of trace elements. Among them, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron content is also higher than the red wolfberry.

The function of black wolfberry
The function of black wolfberry

The function of black wolfberry: 1. Enhance immunity, Anti-aging; 2. good for kidney; 3. Generates saliva; 4. Soothe the nerves, improve sleep; 5.control cough and anti-aging. Wild black wolfberry is known as “oral skin cosmetics”, according to the data, black wolfberry is found the food with highest content of anthocyanins today.

How to distinguish between real and fake black wolfberry?

1, For fresh black wolfberry crush the grain with your fingers, around 10 fruit-shaped seeds will appear for the real black wolfberry. If there is one seed, and not appear dark purple, it’s fake seed shape showed fruit; fake white thorn fruit which is a single nuclear. Also no black wolfberry as thick blue and purple.

2, When dry black wolfberry is put into water, with the release of anthocyanin’ the wolfberry fruits’ color will gradually fade.

the wolfberry fruits' color
the wolfberry fruits’ color

after being putting into water for a long time the fruits appear translucent.

the fruits appear translucent
the fruits appear translucent

3, Special Note: Black wolfberry contains 3 times more anthocyanin than that contained in blueberry. The water appears light blue if black wolfberry is added into tap water, but in pure water it appears purple. But with the soaking time lasts, the difference will gradually reduce, the inner side of the fruits remain the same.There is no way to dyeing the fruits and this is a good evidence of the black wolfberry’s natural color.

black wolfberry’s natural color
black wolfberry’s natural color

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