Cultivation Technique of Black Wolfberry

1. Cultivation Technique

Seeding, the seeding period of black wolfberry is from July to November. When the fruits turn from green to dark purple,  it’s time to pluck,and register at any time, then deliver to designated place. After seeding the threshing method of water washing with gauze wrapped will be adopted, then it is to be filter and washed with fine basket. Dry the seeds naturally or under dawn’s or dusk’s sunlight, avoid direct exposure to the sun at noon. The seeds are to be cleaned manually. Store the seeds at dry and ventilated place.

2. seed quality identification. In addition to investigating if the source of the seeds is good, the clarity, dry seeds quality, germination rate, viability, water content and weight are also to be considered. And it is identified based on sample testing in laboratory. The seed quality is determined according to the appearance of the seed and the internal anatomical condition.

3. reproduction

4. Selection of land and soil preparation. Select the flat terrain, where it is  convenient for irrigation, soil hypertrophy, pH 8 below the alkali salt content of not more than 0. 3% of the land. Shi manure 2000-3000kg / 667 square meters, deep plowing 20-30 cm in autumn, and pouring winter water. The next spring shallow shallow rake, do plot width 1. 2 m.

5. Breeding methods are mainly seed propagation. Before sowing soak the seeds with 40°C warm water for 24 hours to improve the germination rate, the general germination rate is around 80%. Sowing season is from late March to mid-April. According to the line spacing 30 cm ditch, ditch deep 0. 5-1 cm, the seeds mixed with some fine sand mix, evenly into the ditch, slightly covered sand, light pressure after watering, keep the soil moist, every

1-2 days shallow water 1 times, the temperature at 17-21, 5-7 d emergence. Seeding 1-1.5 kg / 667 square meters, producing seedlings 40,000 / 667 square meters. If there is no watering conditions or lack of water, the sowing after a little sand and soil, and then covered with plastic film, in the plastic film above the full casing 1. 5-2 cm, to penetrate into the sun is appropriate, observe every day, to be Kind of buds through the skin when selected rainy days

Gas all exposed to the film. In this way, can effectively save the soil moisture, to avoid the film caused by the evaporation of water evaporation, soil dry. So as to solve the planting of deep and nest buds, planting shallow and burning buds of contradictions. This method of summarizing in the production of specific nursery, in the Taiwan Plateau and other places where the lack of water for small seed varieties of nursery, is very practical. Above is taken from the network

Mold professional nursery adopt the way, we based on nursery experience, recommended seedling nursery. Specific planting methods like spicy seeds, eggplant, each hole sowing black wolfberry seeds 3-4 tablets, plant distance of 10 cm or so, spacing 30-40 cm. Second, the field management 1, cultivated weeding: seed after seeding to be weeding, 1 year 4-6 times, combined with irrigation

Loose soil and weeding.

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