The function of black wolfberry, who are suitable for black wolfberry.

Speaking of wolfberry, the first impression come to our mind is its bright red color, but today we are going to introduce “noble of wolfberry” black wolfberry, black wolfberry grows at an altitude of more than 3000 meters of the basin desert area, due to the differences in living environment, Black wolfberry which contains more nutrition than the red fruit wolfberry come out. So what is the role of black wolfberry, and what kind of people is suitable for it? Let’s see.

Black wolfberry is a unique western desert medicinal plant species,which tastes sweet, and flat. The content of calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron is also higher than that of red fruit wolfberry. Its medicinal health value is much higher than the ordinary red fruit wolfberry. Known as “nourishing soft gold.” Wild black wolfberry contains a lot of anthocyanins, and anthocyanins are the most effective natural free radical scavenger, able to delay the human cell tissue aging, keep young, longevity. drink black wolfberry tea for long time can nourish the body, good for liver and eyesight, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, nourish and tranquilize blood vessels, lower blood pressure, protect the cardiovascular system. Specifically, through a large number of clinical experiment by medical experts the following six functions are found for black wolfberry:

What’s the function of black wolfberry?

1. Keep beauty and anti-aging

Black Chinese wolfberry in the anthocyanins can be a good element to fight against the external oxidation of cells, remove the skin of harmful substances free radical accumulation and precipitation, protect the collagen, so that the skin stay fresh and flexible, reduce wrinkles, anti-aging.

2. Enrich blood and improve sleep quality

The anthocyanins in black wolfberry in the anthocyanins can penetrate into cell to protect the membrane from free radical oxidation, while crossing the blood-brain barrier, to protect the brain from oxidizing, so as to stabilize the brain tissue, protect the brain from harmful chemicals and toxins damage, Black wolfberry can effectively improve the sleep conditions, improve sleep quality.

3. Protect liver and improve eyesight

Medical clinical report shows that anthocyanins can promote the regeneration of rhizome in retinal cells, prevent severe myopia and retinal detachment, improve vision. French have been using anthocyanin for treatment of eye diseases for many years, the experiment proved that anthocyanins can improve 98% of the computer vision fatigue,and is beneficial for those who have juvenile pseudo-myopia, middle-aged vertigo, fundus hemorrhage, diabetic retinopathy, white
internal fixation, visual fatigue, and dry eyes.

4. Resist to radiation, natural proof to sun beam.

Under radiation the human body will produce endogenous free radicals, triggering lipid peroxidation and other damage, black wolfberry’s anthocyanin polyhydroxy structure have a strong scavenging free radicals function, thereby inhibiting oxidative damage, improve skin resistance , Immunity and anti-radiation ability. And anthocyanins is natural sun light cover,which can effectively prevent UV damage to the skin.

5. good for kidney and enhance immunity

Black wolfberry is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, free amino acids, organic acids, minerals, trace elements, alkaloids, vitamins and other 100 kinds of essential nutrients the body, known as “nourishing soft gold” reputation, Enhance immunity, strengthen the physique. And black medlar in the trace elements such as zinc can increase the enzyme activity, so that pituitary gonadotropin and health Long hormone secretion increased, so that the kidney has therapeutic effect, improve sexual function.

6. Reinforcing blood vessels and prevent cancer

Medical studies have shown that anthocyanins can improve blood circulation, restore lost microvascular effects, and strengthen fragile blood vessels, known as “arterial antidotes”, so European doctors usually recommend people with Hypertension Hyperlipidemia Hyperglycemia and patients with cardiovascular disease to eat foods containing anthocyanins. And anthocyanins in black wolfberry can delay the proliferation of cancer cells, to protect healthy cells from the erosion of cancer cells.

People that are suggested to eat black wolfberry.

1. Women with rough ,sagging skin, increased wrinkles, with poor and dull skin color.
2. People who use PC and cellphone frequently, and those who stay up all night.
3. People with Insomnia, kidney dizziness, physical weakness, poor resistance, low immunity;
4. Women damaged by prolonged ultraviolet radiation
5. People with irregular diet, usually eat fried and barbecue food(which will add free radical to harm your body)
6. People with dry eyes, are losing eyesight, and those who focus on work and study.

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