Seedling Technology of Black Wolfberry in Greenhouse

1. Root pruning: cut the roots of the broken break with scissors, in order to promote wound recovery, to avoid pests invade. Only cut split wounds, long root system should not be cut.

2. When planting, do not apply any fertilizer in the tree pit, if you must apply, we must dig deep pit (60-70 cm), in the bottom of the pit fertilizer, and then fill the table to the appropriate planting depth. Meaning that fertilizer can not contact with the nursery stock in order to ensure survival.

3. Planting depth to buried deep seedlings of the original rhizome soil can not be more than 1.5-2 cm. Planting seedlings roots to stretch, do not nest or root direction up! Miao around the practical, righting.

4. Immediately pooring rooting water after planting (life-saving water), after the water poured to tree holes turns dry, the hole cracks are to be filled with soil, in order to facilitate moisture conservation. To be planted about 10 days or so, and then pour a water. Later, into the normal plant tending management can be.

5. If plant it in autumn, the root absorption of water surface area reduces because the root of the seeding were cut off.The main root which should reach into the deep layer of perennial unfrozen soil.

In the winter, spring, the wind is very strong, the underground part of the underground is “frozen” and can not absorb the normal dry water required for the branches, which resulting in branches “pumping” loss of water

Measures can be taken: (1)soil push protection:bury all the seedlings with soil, remove all the soil in spring(soil is not suggested to remove too early due to unpredictable climate. (2)Plastic shed protection method: with plastic shed set up protection, remove the shed in spring. the seedlings planted in spring don’t have such problem!

6. wolfberry to grow, flat easy to manage, soil should be deep, texture should be loose, and good drainage.(PH7-8)

7. The establishment of black wolfberry protected area area, and within its scope (200 meters) cut off all other wolfberry plant species, so as not to pollinate with black fruit wolfberry.

8. Cultivation techniques: planting density of 1 m * 1.2 m, the configuration is rectangular type. Cultivation methods are: to be nursery seedlings when planting, root stretch, the wet root of the buried layer of soil, the appropriate deep plant (cover more than the original soil printed 1-2 cm), pressed, so that the roots in close contact with the soil, that is, To comply with the “three buried two tiptoe mention” principle. Planting requirements: Trees arranged neatly, beautiful. Immediately after planting poured into the root of the water, until the water infiltration, 6,7 days dense seam! Before planting with ABT3 100mg / k (10 grams per packet of water 10 kg) solution sprayed seedlings, to spray even spray thoroughly. Can significantly improve the survival rate of black wolfberry seedlings. Planting time Spring March – – – – – 4 at the end of the month. When planting the best ridge planting! Patch film better!

9. Black wolfberry both hydrophilic and fear of water,so it need not only ground irrigation, shallow irrigation, to keep the soil moist, but also to prevent flooding caused by flood water. Irrigation 5-6 times a year, generally in late April irrigation water, 10-20 days after irrigation irrigation, after every 20 days about irrigation once, into the fruit picking period, the case of high temperature dry and hot weather, the timely irrigation and cooling The Summer fruit harvest immediately after irrigation, ready to autumn plowing. In early September, irrigation “white dew” water to promote the growth of autumn shoots. October to control the irrigation, in November, the middle of winter after the case of fertilizer, irrigation good winter water.

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