Correct Storage Method for Black Wolfberry

Yuexiang herbal wild black wolfberry as a valuable tonic is being recognized and accepted by more and more people. Many people who pay attention to health began to take long-term use, but how much do they know about the black wolfberry storage method? Black wolfberry was just found in recent years, as a tonic health care products, black wolfberry came into the market. With wrong storage method, black wolfberry will probably have metamorphosis or pests, so it is necessary to let you know some storage methods.

Black wolfberry contains lycium barley polysaccharide, easy to absorb moisture oil, mold and attract pests; and its composition of the color is also very unstable,the color is easy to change, resulting in anthocyanin loss, affect the efficacy. And it’s one kind Chinese herbal medicine difficult to store. Ordinary storage method is difficult to make it safe, moistureproof, mothproof, and anti-hot purpose.

How to deal with black wolfberry with pests.

The solution of treating black wolfberry which have insects is to expose it to sun light, and pick out the pests, and seal it in bags to put it into refrigerator, so that it can effectively prevent insects, if the black wolfberry is fount to be eaten to much by pests, then we can only reluctantly abandon it.

Black wolfberry storage method:

1. Plastic bag vacuum preservation method: put small sack containting lime into the bag, and then put black wolfberry(impurities removed) into the plastic bag, baked plastic bags seals, take out the bag air, put it at cool place for storage. for method, we need to check at any time to prevent leakage. In addition, do not add too much lime, it should depend on the black wolfberry quantity, water content and other circumstances.

2. refrigeration method: Store black wolfberry in refrigerator or other refrigeration equipment under temperature: 0~4℃, this is an easy and efficient storage method.

3. Mildew treatment method: place black wolfberry with mildew in the round dustpan, scatter the cuffer rubbing with hands, abandon severe deteriorated ones, spray some white wine, wet the white spots surface, rub hands against the spot to remove it, repeated many times, Until no spots. And then use the micro-fire to dry, and often rub hands on it and turn it around, so that the water vapor can be distributed, and then seal for storage.

Tips: the simplest way to store is frozen, it can last for two years; in dry place where it is not easy to damp, attract pests, and it must be treated immediately after getting pests, so it has no side impact to human body when eating it.

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