Methods of making Pu’er Tea

To make tea, in general, it requires tea preparation, water preparation, and the tea is available for drink after adding boliled water. But it’s not easy to release the full color, fragrance, and favor of the tea. Different measures should be taken for makign different kind of teas.

Pu'er Tea
Pu’er Tea

一, Details of making Pu’er tea

1. set the amount of tea: pry the tea plate(or brick) on it’s layer, the amount can be depend on number of people or according to your taste. Generally, 3-5 g of tea matches 1-2 people, if there are a lot of people, it’s suggested to add 8-10g or even 15-20g of Pu’er tea.

2. Brewing equipment selection: a glass, cover bowl, ceramic pots and teapot and so on. Beginners preferred to use Glass or bowl to brew. Because of its hardness and visibility is better, can be objective and fair to show its tea,Watch the tea, see its good or bad. To reach a certain degree of players to enjoy Pu’er tea can be due to people and should choose Choose ceramic pots or purple sand pots and so on.

3. Pu’er tea brewing water and water temperature: water should in principle should use soft water, such as mineral water or pure water, Can also be used tap water (it is best to first precipitate to reduce the smell of bleaching powder); water temperature required is 100℃ boiling water.

二, Procedures of making Pu’er tea

1. Preparation: prepare the tea and equipment

2. warm the teapot and clean it, poor boiled water into the teapot, to warm and clean it.

3. Add tea: add tea into the teapot.

4. Moisturizing the tea, pour in boiled water again, and then quickly dump the water to activate the tea.

5. making tea: contol the brewing time accordingly.

6, Sub-tea: pot of tea into the fair cup, in order to keep the tea shades of uniform, and then were evenly divided into small cups, please share guests.

三, Experience

A guy who has been making Pu’er tea for years thinks: Muffle and cooking tea method is a better way to brew Pu Pu, they can maximize the tea to play Pu’er tea, can better show the thick, healthy, alcohol, and quality.

Brewing method: every time you pour out the tea are left (also known as the soup), or out of six left four, or five out five.

The reason why this method is chosen because the taste and charm of cooked Pu has a relative stability, leaving the root does not affect every

The taste of the bubble, but can leach its mellow.

Tea cooking method: tea tools or more pottery to cook alcohol, plus a purple tea system can be. Most of this method is encountered with a good cake cooked, soak to the tea has been light, but still abandon discarded, and then cook the continuation of its tea. Since it will drink tea, can drink tea is considered “Qing Fu”, then tea is really cherished.

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