Attention for making Pu’er Tea

In principle, daily life soft water like pure water, mineral water etc. should be adopted, tap water is also ok, but it is suggested to let it precipitate to reduce bleaching powder. It is important to note that, the water to make tea must be clean, and be sure to meet the drinking water requirements.

To make a pot of great Pu’er tea, the brewing skill is very important.

For brewing Pu’er tea, the first step is to choose good tea set, choose large volume Dark-red enameled pottery teapot or clay pot, especially in the teapot round, thick wall, sand rough, the water is smooth, because the teapot internal double pores, So that it has a good permeability, tea does not taste, can better save the aroma and taste of Pu’er tea. In addition, Pu’er tea simple introverted, such pot shape and Pu’er tea unique tea rhyme more consistent. Tea cup recommended the choice of porcelain or glass, you can view the soup color, and delicate and elegant. Cover bowl of tea should be used Jingdezhen porcelain produced to porcelain with slightly thin on the wall. Office of the brewing Pu’er tea, you can choose elegant cup, elegant cup is designed for drinking tea designed tea, glass filter cup, its advantage is simple and convenient brewing drink, and easy to control the concentration of tea, tea filter.

Tea knife is special tool to squeeze Pu’er tea (Tuocha, seven sub-cake tea, brick tea, melon tea, etc.), a tea knife is suggested to be equipped for those who usually make pressed type Pu’er tea, because the tight pressed tea is too tight to break,, with tea knife along the tea cake, tea tiles and other pressed tea texture slowly pry it into thin slices, both convenient tea brew soup, but also better to keep the tea Good form.

After the preparation of tea set, it comes to the selection of water. Since ancient times there are many records on the evaluation of tea selection, the Ming Dynasty Xu sub-“tea sparse”, said: “fine tea Yunxiang, made by water. , Can only complement each other. The ancients will be the water should be divided into days and ground water two categories, Tianshui also known as “no root water”, that is, rain, snow, frost, dew, hail, water limited spring water, river, river, lake, well water is good.

Tea water temperature plays an important role for the taste and fragrance of Pu’er tea. “Hot boiled spring”, the ancients determine the optimal water temperature when Songtao sound appears. Pu’er tea requires boiling water at 100 ℃. In order to make the flavor more alcohol is, it is necessary to first wash tea (also known as “washed cents Yan”), that is, the first washed down the boiling water to immediately pour out. After pouring the water can smell the aroma of its leaves, if the aroma is not enough alcohol, you can repeat the tea once. Pu’er tea formal brewing before the general need to warm tea can be 2 to 3 times, because the long-term storage of Pu’er tea inevitably fall on the dust, tea can not only go to its miscellaneous taste, clean tea, but also play warm tea, wake tea effect. But the speed of tea must be fast, so as not to affect the taste of tea.

The amount of tea can base on pot size and personal taste, if you love to drink tea can be appropriate to vote more. Two people with a small pot, generally 5 to 7 grams of tea, 150 ml of water is appropriate, the proportion of tea and water in 1 to 50 to 1 to 30.

The first brewing time in about 1 minute can be poured into the cup of tea, with the increase in the number of brewing, brewing time can be gradually extended, but the specific brewing time or to see the wisdom of the tea swing to grasp Of the Pu’er tea soup slow, need to bubble 2 to 3 bubble after the fragrance to see fragrant tea.

Pu’er tea than the general tea-resistant, generally can be continuous 10 to 20 times, until the soup is very light so far. Every time the water is poured in the appropriate time to pour out, and try to filter dry tea, the next time to drink and then add water, do not soak for a long time, so as not to affect the color of tea, aroma and taste. Temporarily do not drink, should filter dry tea, open the lid.

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