Pu’er Leaf-Tea

Pu’er tea grade can be divided into premium and one to ten a total of eleven grade, grade is based on the tender rate, the higher the level of tenderness will be higher. Weigh the tenderness to see 3 points:

1. Obvious and more buds, high tenderness.
2. Tight and heavy knot, highi tenderness.
3. Glossy light, lubrication, moisture tenderness is good

For cooked tea, the fermentation process, the storage method will also affect the quality of tea. level 10 of the Pu’er, if by better fermentation, storage, may not be worse than those of the poor, poor storage of poor taste of tea. Of course, the higher the level of tea, tea factory in the processing will be more careful, its fermentation, storage is often better than the grade of tea is better.

Shape of Pu’er Tea

Pu’er tea shape, we are referring compact tea. Ordinary comopact tea is seperated into cake tea, Tuocha, Fangcha, brick tea etc. For Pu’er tea, its shape has nothing to do with its quality has nothing to do, and brick, cake, Tuo, loose tea and other raw materials are convex points.

On the pressing of tea to distinguish, the main look at the following aspects: shape requires uniform integrity; angular unity, not missing edge less angle; thickness consistent, elastic moderate; pattern clear, the cable plan a tight knot; color to dark brown, Brown red is normal. The appearance of mold, mold point of Pu’er tea are inferior.

Therefore, Pu’er tea standard is based on shape, shoup color, leave, favor etc.

How to identify Pu’er leaf-tea

from appearance

First look at the bar shape of Pu’er tea,whether the strip is complete, are the leaves old or tender, older leaves are larger, fresh leaves are thinner; sniff dry tea smell and look dry tea color and clarity.

from the soup color

Check the darkness of the soup color, high-quality Yunnan Pu’er tea, the tea appears bright red, with gold circle, soup above looks like oil-shaped film. Quality of the tea, red and not thick, less bright, often there will be dust-like material suspension which, and some even black, hair black, commonly known as soy sauce soup.

smells its odor.

mostly “hot smell” and “cold smell” are adopted, smell it’s fragrance when it’s hot, and cold smell to check how long the fragrance can last.


Mainly from its slippery sense.

Look at the bottom

Mainly to see the leaf color, leaf quality, to see the bubble out of the end of the leaf is not complete, is not still maintain the softness.

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