Which type of Pu’er Tea is better? Pressed Tea or Loose Tea

It is well known that Pu’er tea has the function of lipid-lowering blood pressure, weight loss slimming, diuretic hangover, eyesight pure heart, anti-radiation anti-cancer and other effects, Pu’er tea has pressed tea and tea, pressed tea is pressed into different tea The shape, known as cake tea, brick tea, Tuocha, tea is not suppressed by the bulk of Pu’er tea.

Generally pressed tea is classifiied into plate tea, block tea, square tea and
brick tea. The current Pu’er tea, its shape and its quality has long been irrelevant, brick, cake, Tuo, loose tea and other raw materials are with uneven points.

Pu’er tea divided by the tenderness, from the off-grade, ten to one grade, and premium grade, tenderness is getting higher and higher, in general, the higher the tenderness, the better the quality.

The level of tenderness is mainly four points:
1. buds and more, the tenderness of the tender high;
2. tight knot, thick tenderness high;
3. smooth color, moisten the tenderness of the high; Less impurity is better.

Pu’er tea tea cake and loose tea because of different processing processes, there are differences in taste, Pu’er tea in the tea tree raw materials on the trees and shrubs of the points, in the years there are new tea and tea points in the fermentation of raw tea and cooked Tea in the points, there are fragrance in the taste, camphor incense, lotus incense, jujube incense, incense, Chen Xiang of the points, the storage of dry and wet warehouse points. There are scattered tea and tea on the shape of the points, the old and new points, green tea and cooked tea of the points; fermented tea with light fermentation, moderate fermentation, re-fermentation, tea are different.

Green plate tea(green tea): water temperature is required to be 80-95 centigrades,water with too high temperature may harm the tea leaves, and release bitter flavor, but it’s good for fast releasing, the key point of making a good pot of tea lies in tea washing . Mainly determined by the water temperature, and brewing time, the speed of the soup. Do not open the lid or bowl after the soup, or easy to damage its aroma and quality. Every time the soup is clean.

New tea should not be sealed immediately, should be breathable. If the new tea has a heavier position, you can put it in the air, until the warehouse after the store in the storage. Whole tea if no warehouse taste, can be used in bamboo bamboo with rice paper, tissue paper or kraft paper wrapped, and then stored. These wrapping paper has a regulating effect, can block the outside too much moisture.

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