Nanshanbaimao Tea

Nanshanbaimao Tea 1
Nanshanbaimao Tea 1

Nanshanbaimao Tea is named after its thick white hair on its leaff, and it belongs to green tea.

The baking method of Baimao tea is delicate and fine, premium grade tea production only adopts only one first leaf bud on one strain, the others are just one bud from one leaf. Tea the large tea leaves into 2-3 pieces. Fry the green tea leaves with empty wok, fan it to cool it down, rub it with hands tenderly, fry and rub it repeatedly for three times. Finally, dry it slowly on baking. The finished product is brown and green, the rope is tight, the color is pure and lasting, there are lotus and egg milk; the tea is clear and green, and the taste is strong.

Nanshan white tea tree is categorized into arbor tree, stands upright, tree is above 3m tall the leaf length is around 11.1cm, leaf width is 4.8cm, long oval, leaf tip acuminate, foliage uplift, mesophyll thick, soft leaves, Organization of a single layer, sprout in mid-March, early April mining, buds fat, particularly large hair, mostly purple. Corolla short diameter of 27mm, long diameter of 29mm, petals 7, calyx hairy, weak resistance. Made black tea, cents color golden yellow, soup color red, strong taste, fragrant high, the bottom of brass color. Made green tea, white and more special, fragrant clear, dark green soup, shape tight knot, taste with bitter bitter bitter alcohol.

Nanshanbaimao Tea
Nanshanbaimao Tea

White tea picking standard is, premium tea fresh leaf standard for a bud a leaf; 1 ~ 2 tea standard for a bud two leaves. System of 500 grams of special white tea to be collected about 45,000 buds. Fresh leaves into the factory after a timely pick tick, tick to purple leaves, pests and leaves and other impurities, to maintain the size and color of buds uniform. The main process of distribution, fixing, rubbing, early dry, foot dry five processes.

Usually drinking green tea is able to soften the blood vessels, so that blood flow improves. Green tea contains theanine, catechins, can improve the role of blood flow in the prevention of obesity, stroke and heart disease have a certain effect.

It’s also with anti-free radicals function, beneficial to cancer prevention and treatment. Studies have confirmed that green tea not only to prevent the formation and proliferation of cancer cells, there are some inhibition of cancer cell metastasis effect. According to the study pointed out that in the consumption of green tea, add apple chips or grains, will produce an effective substance in the anti-cancer and anti-aging effect is more good.

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