Why black wolfberry so expensive

Black wolfberry is rich in Anthocyanins, and have been marketed well, but wild black Chinese wolfberry is scarce, the growth volume of it per mu yield is not more than 10 kilograms.

Wild black wolfberry is so far found the plant contains the highest content of anthocyanin, and the price just keeps going up. Anthocyanin, the most effective natural antioxidant for scavenging free radicals in human body, has an obvious antioxidant and anti fatigue effect. Wild black wolfberry found in Nuomuhong area, should contain highest anthocyanin content.

Black wolfberry, beans, large purple black berries.In tibetan medicine, this material for the treatment of heart fever, heart disease, lower cholesterol, but also has enhanced immunity and other effects. After 2008, black wolfberry was found to contain more anthocyanin than blueberries, then it has been marketed. Its prices continue to rise. And it’s known as “soft gold”, the yield of which is not large. The number of Artificial cultivation areas is too small, far from meeting the market’s demand.

Wild black Lycium is scarce. Wild black Lycium barbarum grow very slowly, although the height of trees is only 20 to 30 centimeters, but it has grown for decades, or even hundreds of years. Once damaged, it is difficult to recover in the short run. Golmud area is a very serious sandstorm area, the annual precipitation is not more than 100 ml.. Wild black wolfberry grows here to achieve the windbreak and sand fixation functions, and prevent the ecological and environmental protection of water and soil erosion. The illegal mining behavior not only damages the rights of the local people, but endangers the whole ecological environment in the Qaidam region.

How to prevent wild black wolfberry from stealing and robbing more effectively? It’s difficult to supervise and protect it for a long time since its value is there,. Now the best way is to redirection,develop the artificial cultivation of black wolfberry as soon as possible. The results showed that the anthocyanin content of wild Lycium barbarum was almost the same as that of wild Lycium barbarum.

In fact, due to the different stages of the wild black wolfberry, it is difficult to ensure that all wild black wolfberry is mature in the process of stealing. Artificial cultivation can control the maturity, and the actual anthocyanin content may be higher in black Lycium barbarum. At present, artificial cultivation techniques have been compared in terms of seedling and Cultivation. Artificial cultivation of black Lycium barbarum scale is expanding, more and more black wolfberry step into the fruit period. The price of black wolfberry is bound to decrease. In recent years, more and more “illegal mining” and “poaching” are bound to be fundamentally curbed.

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