Function and effect of Duyunmaojian Tea

Duyunmaojian is rich in protein, amino acids, alkaloids, tea polyphenols, sugar tips, organic acids, aromatic substances and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, K, P, PP, and water-soluble minerals. It tastes good, refreshing and is good for eyesight and digestion, it has the function of atherosclerosis inhibition and anti-cancer, prevent and treat of scurvy to defend radioactive elements such as efficacy and role.

Lower blood pressure

The tea contains caffeine and catechins which is able to promote the body’s vascular wall relaxation, and increase the effective diameter of blood vessels, so that the blood vessel wall maintains a certain degree of flexibility to eliminate vasospasm.A kind of aminobutyric in Maojian tea has more significant effect on relaxing the body vessel, once the vasoactive activity is inhibited,it can achieve the antihypertensive effect; Drinking Maojian tea can reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Tea in the catechins substances, the total cholesterol, free cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels were significantly reduced.

Human body function purification

The tea contains purine base, adenine and other alkaloids, these alkaloids and phosphoric acid, pentose and other forms of nucleotides, nucleotides in the ATP, GTP and other compounds play an important role in the metabolism of lipids, especially on Nitrogen compounds have a very wonderful decomposition, transformation, so as to achieve the role of cellulite, with the role of purification of human digestive organs.

The flavonols in the tea can relax the digestive tract of the human body, purify the microbes and other harmful substances in the digestive organs, and also perform special purification on the stomach, kidneys and liver, not only contribute to the digestion of fat and other substances. Can prevent the occurrence of digestive organ disease.

Antitumor effect

the Antioxidant combination GAT extracted from the tea is able to inhibit the mutations of aflatoxin and benzopyrane and other carcinogenic substances, it has the effect of inhibiting tumor metastasis;the tea contains a large number of EGCG, it can effectively inhibit the tumor activity in human body, and effectively prevent the formation of cancer cells; tea extract T-8750 on gastric adenocarcinoma cells have a significant inhibitory effect; nitrosamines and nitroso compounds, and tea contained in the tea polyphenols are blocked nitro The main active substance of the compound.

Duyun Maojian tea

Duyun Maojian tea
Duyun Maojian tea

Dujunmaojian, one of the ten famous Chinese tea. Also known as”Baimaojina”,”Ximaojian”,”Hooks Tea” or “Queshe Tea”.

Dujunmaojian is usually picked around Qingming Festival, and the standard is to pic the first bud on one leaf, and the length is no longer than 2 cm.To make 500g of good quality maojian tea usually comsumes 53,000 to 56,000 buds.

Duyun Maojian tea germinates early, the buds are fat and hairy, having a strong nature of the characteristics, rich in ingredients. Finished Duyun hairy color green, shape evenly, white revealed, curly curly, fragrant, tender taste, sweet taste, sweet taste, clear leaves, bright buds buds.

Duyun Maojian tea is green and bright,fragrant and mellow. Therefore the brewing of green tea seems simple but actually it’s very difficult. Because the green tea without fermentation, to keep the tea itself fresh, the brewing results may differ,it’s easy to make tea leaves old boring, tea bleak aroma blunt turbidity. In addition, because the types of green teas has richest varieties, each type of tea, due to the shape, tightness and fresh leaves of the new level of different, brewing water temperature, time and methods are different, must be repeated practice, Water temperature, tea, tea, etc., in order to soak a cup of tea.

Drinking Steps

Duyun Maojian tea
Duyun Maojian tea

1) Add in the tea leaves after waring the cup.
2) Pour in moderate amount of warm water along the cup wall, to one-third of cup capacity, and then slightly shake the cup, then start drinking.
3) Around 2 minutes later, when the tea leaves absorb enough water and stretches, then fill the cup with extra water, now it’s time to drink.
4) When one third of the water remains in the cup, add moderate amount of water to continue drinking the tea.



Duyun Maojian tea shape curl like screw-shaped, with abundant white hairs, and looks green,local great seeds are adopted, it germinates early, buds are fat.

Soup Color

Duyun hair to the “dry green tea with yellow, yellow soup in the yellow, the bottom of the green was yellow” and “three green three yellow” features known. So the premium Duyun Maojian finished Maojiao tea quality Runxiu, fresh aroma, taste mellow, sweet taste.