Meng’er Tea

Meng'er Tea
Meng’er Tea

Meng’er tea adhering to the ancient method of special production and processing of selected, the shape of fine tight hook, green,tea appears clear, smells fragrant.

The buds of Meng’er tea is robust, average length and size, inside buds appears golden yellow, the outer shellfish revealed complete, and a solid package, tea bud shape is like a root needles.

Meng’er tea only colleccts bud head, tea body covered with hairs, bright color; fragrant, the tea appears slightly orange, tastes glycol. can perceive its favor for a long time. Brewed from the bright apricot yellow tea root up to see the root up, after repeated fly, reunited together at the bottom of the cup. Its mining system requires a high, such as picking tea time only 7-10 days before and after the Ching Ming Festival.

Meng’er tea is produced at an altitude of more than 1,800 meters high snow capped mountain. Because of high mountains and deep valleys, and much clouds and mist, there are a lot of streams which guarantees clear humidity, a lot of bamboo verdant, deep soil, fertile, fertilizer-based organic fertilizer (farm manure and rapeseed cake) , Large temperature difference between day and night, Fengqing Run, without any pollution. In such a unique natural environment, the tea tree all day high Mountains and clouds shrouded, and leaves more fat juice, durable foam. Even more peculiar is the time when picking tea here and everywhere in the orchid blooming season, floral infection, so that the extra fragrance Meng’er tea, the flavor is more unique.