The efficacy of wild camellia

wild camellia tea
wild camellia tea

Southwest Red Camellia

1、Southwest Red Camellia: shrub or small trees, up to 7m. Leaf blade leathery, oblong or oblong-lanceolate, 6.51-0cm long, 2.2-3.5cm wide, apex long-tailed, base cuneate, margin serrate, serrulate On the following are obvious. Bracteoles and sepals 9*10, co-produced cup-shaped involucre, length 2-3cm, outside the villi; corolla long 3.5-5.5cm, petals 5-8, The base 1-1.5cm Department attached to the filaments; stamens numerous, long 2-3cm, the outer part of the lower filament 1/2-2/3 fleshy tubular; ovary superior, densely villous, style long 2.5-3cm, base Filiform pilose, apex 3-lobed. Capsule essence, globose, 3.5-5cm in diam., Loculicidal.

2、Leaves southwest Hongshan Tea: This species is very similar to the species, the main difference is: the species of young shoots and young leaves are usually pilose, leaf tip acuminate, leaf base cuneate, margin serrulate dense, pink flowers, Bracts and sepals abaxially brownish pubescent.

Wild Tea (Yunnan)

Yunnan wild tea is completely pure natural tea, no artificial cultivation. Mature period in the year from September to November.

Flower color is lilac, plant height 10-20cm, smell a touch of fragrance.

Wild camellia contains more trace elements needed by the human body and natural antioxidants, can be used as health drinks consumption, Vc content is higher than the market on a lot of drinks.

In Honghe Prefecture of Yunnan Province as a drink widely drink, the local is to remove the roots after the plants washed as tea.

The first soak, the taste will be a little light, the second soak taste completely penetrate out.

Whether it is hot and intolerable summer, or when the mood irritability, wild camellia is a good partner, taste fresh and elegant, heat dissipation good.

Wild camellia medicinal value is also high, the whole grass medicine, can cure sore throat, virtual fire toothache, mouth ulcers caused by fire, etc., there clearing away heat and toxic materials effect.